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About Us

Story of WASEELA

James Spencer, CEO of Waseela, began operating in the owners association industry in Australia in 1989. He has been a partner of several OA companies in the UAE for the past 11 years. WASEELA Management and Supervision Services for Owners Association (Waseela) commenced on 1st August 2018 as a Licensed Owners Association Management Company.

Our aim is to be of assistance and deliver a comprehensive, customer-focused service to our customers.

Waseela has been appointed as the body corporate manager for a number of buildings in DIFC and we have demonstrated our ability to do the basic well

  • Accounts are kept current and accurate
  • Timely issuance of Levies
  • Maintenance of Insurance and Claims
  • Enforce the by-laws
  • Maintain and operate Bank accounts and the Books in an always current manner
  • Hold General Meetings and Committee meetings in a time effective manner then complete Minutes appropriately

We excel in the resolution of issues:

  • HVAC management and Delta T
  • Undertake works such as the development of Common areas for higher use an extensive renovation
  • Undertake serious cost-saving projects such as Electrical and Chilled water energy management, Elevator Management, CCTV Projects

We pride ourselves for high collection rates of levies allowing the body corporate creditors to be paid in a timely manner ensuring maximum cooperation from our Service Providers.

James Spencer is an industry professional with over 50 years of international experience in owners associations structuring and management, property and asset management, property development, sales, and leasing, owners association financial budgeting and management, governance documents preparation and rules implementation. One of the pioneers of Community management industry association managers. In the UAE he has project managed for a number of governing documents for iconic projects, including Burj Khalifa. His experience extends beyond association management and it includes all assets of the property development, sales and administration

James Spencer

Alan Rowlands brings considerable management and consulting experience, having worked in Community Management for more than 25 years both in the UAE and abroad.  Alan is a recognised leader in the field of community management in the UAE and internationally and is regularly engaged in industry-specific workshops and as a guest speaker at industry-relevant conferences including MEAMCON, CITYSCAPE, and others. Alan has consulted with the Qatar and Oman Governments in addition to being fully involved in the development of the community management industry in the UAE.

Alan Rowlands CMCA, AMS, PCAM

General Manager
Saju Sukumaran is licensed Director of Owners Affairs, Bachelor of Commerce with multiple accreditations from the Community Association Institute (CAI). Has a sound knowledge of community management operating systems, property management and a good understanding of customer care. He’s an experienced community manager who has been working with our team since 2014. Saju Sukumaran is a member of the Community Association Institute (CAI).

Saju Sukumaran

Director of Owners Affairs
Mujeeb is licensed Director of Facility Management, Bachelor of Science, Project Management Professional, Diploma in engineering and multiple accreditations from CAI. He is an experienced facility and procurement manager with a wide knowledge of facility management operation system, the capability to procure the best available offers for different purposes (from small work orders to Annual Maintenance Contracts). Mujeeb Ebrahim is a member of the Community Association Institute (CAI)

Mujeeb Ebrahim

Director of Facility Management
Joyce is our Finance Manager and is responsible for the overall financial administration of both our corporate and managed buildings. She has vast experience in the field of finance and accounting in different industries, such as exporting, construction, real estate, software, and owners’ association. She’s dedicated to providing quality excellence in her work, eager to learn and grow more in the field that she has chosen. Prior to joining Waseela, she worked as a Migration Consultant in Urbanise, a software company for Strata Management. Because of her previous experience, she’s well qualified to manage the software platform used by Waseela. Joyce holds a degree in BS Accountancy, and she is also currently earning further professional certifications.


Finance Manager
Trisa brings strong administrative and compliance skills to ensure that all operations and duties carried out by the Waseela team are conducted in a fully ethical and transparent fashion. She will also regularly audit all procedures in the organisation to ensure full compliance with all RERA and Federal

Trisa Nabukenya

Compliance Officer

Dear Visitor,

WASEELA – is a means by which a person, goal or objective is approached, attained, or achieved “Arabic”

We carried Technical, Financial, Administrative, and Customer service tasks on a daily basis.

We are considering the values of mutual respect, transparency, sustainability and responsibility.

We understand and use industry World Best Practices.

Our aim is to be of assistance and deliver a comprehensive, customer-focused service to our customers.

We do the basics well

Yours sincerely,
James Spencer CMCA® AMS® PCAM®